Seamless Scalability for Ruby

Low Latency and High Throughput

Experience cutting-edge Fiber-based concurrency and the performance-optimized design of the Falcon application server, engineered for unmatched scalability. Our commitment to minimizing latency and maximizing throughput ensures your applications deliver peak performance across a wide range of traffic volumes, from daily operations to unexpected spikes.

Modular Code and Structure

Socketry champions modular design, offering a suite of components that cater to a broad spectrum of needs. From powering web applications on Rails through to high performance database and network connections (including WebSockets!), our toolkit is designed to ensure versatility and ease of integration.

Well Tested and Maintained

Async and related key components boast 100% code coverage, underscoring our commitment to quality and reliability. This ensures every line of code meets the highest standards for performance and stability. We prioritize ongoing enhancements and rigorous testing to maintain a trustworthy foundation for your projects, while keeping pace with the latest in web development and standards.

Batteries Included

Socketry provides a comprehensive suite of gems crucial for modern web application development, featuring the high-performance Falcon web server. Central to Async's architecture, Ruby's fiber scheduler transparently boosts concurrency with third-party components. This ensures your applications benefit from seamless integration and enhanced functionality, ready to leverage the full potential of asynchronous programming and fiber-based concurrency for scalable, responsive web solutions.

Global Support Network

We transform your challenges into our opportunities for innovation. Embracing feedback allows us to rapidly enhance the aspects of our toolkit that matter most to you. Beyond this, we provide comprehensive training and consultancy services, designed to empower your team to fully harness the capabilities of Socketry. Our goal is to ensure you achieve optimal results, making every interaction with our support network an opportunity for growth and success.

Open Source Commitment

Our dedication to open innovation is unwavering, with all core Socketry components developed and licensed as Open Source Software. This commitment ensures universal access to our scalability solutions, liberating your business from the constraints of proprietary platforms. By choosing Socketry, you join a community dedicated to fostering an open, collaborative environment that thrives on shared progress and unrestricted innovation.

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With falcon and async-http-faraday (and persistent Faraday connections), our servers are about 50% more efficient. Using a bit more CPU and slightly more memory, but able to handle (at least) 2x the traffic with half the latencyjakeonfire

This uses the async gem to parallelize fetching files from the GitHub API. The app is heavily IO-bound, so this is a good way to speed it up. In my tests, this decreased the time to print results from 25s to around 2.5s. - Matheus Richard