Scalable Components for Ruby

Low Latency and High Throughput

From the improvements to Fiber-based concurrency through to the performance-driven design of Falcon, every aspect of Socketry is built around scalability.

Modular Code and Structure

Socketry provides independently useful gems to suite a wide range of requirements. While the current focus is on existing and future web applications, it is capable of handling a diverse range of requirements, including WebSockets, DNS and Redis to name a few.

Well Tested and Maintained

Async is the foundation of Socketry. Including other core dependencies, these gems have over 90% test coverage. Async::RSpec tracks latency, memory usage and resource leakage, which ensures reliable and robust code.

Batteries Included

Socketry includes gems for all the core components of a modern web application, including the Falcon web server, (experimental) wrappers for PostgreSQL and MySQL along with Redis.

World-Wide Support

Your pain points are our opportunties. We welcome feedback so that we can quickly iterate on the parts of our system which deliver the most value for our customers. We also offer training and consultation to ensure your team is able to leverage Socketry to its maximum potential.

Open Source for All

We are committed to ensuring all core components of Socketry are licensed and developed as Open Source Software. This allows everyone to benefit from our advances in scalability and ensures your business is not tied to a specific platform.

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